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2001-06-11: The Burren

After a cup of tea in Lisdoonvarna, we drove up the R477 along the Burren coast towards Black Head, the north-western tip of County Clare.

The Burren is a rocky region. In some parts, miles of bare limestone stretch in all directions. One of Cromwell’s generals was apparently moved to exclaim that there was “neither water enough to drown a man, nor a tree to hang him, nor soil enough to bury him.” In other parts, a cap of shale sits on top of the limestone, providing a much more friendly environment for plants.

We stopped in Ballyreen (deserted rocky coast) and later Fanore (fine sandy beach).

After passing Black Head, we turned onto the N67 in Ballyvaughan to drive up Corkscrew Hill.

# Tuesday June 3, 2003 · AndrĂ© Radke