Over the last few months, I noticed a few requests for an XSLT processor that would run in Frontier and Radio. After experimenting with both the Apache XML project’s Xerces / Xalan and the Gnome project’s libxml / libxslt libraries, I finally managed to produce a working extension for Frontier and Radio based on the Ginger Alliance’s Sablotron:

To install, unpack the archive and open the resulting file with Frontier or Radio.

Please note: This release is for thrill seekers only. It is neither feature-complete nor fully debugged. I have done some light testing on Mac OS X and Windows 2000, but the Mac OS Classic version has not been tested at all. If this release blows up your machine, I will not accept any responsibility.

The DLLs shipping with this release log a lot of internal information to a text file named “sablotron_dbg_log.txt” that might end up in your Frontier or Radio folder or whatever happens to be the current working directory.

The processor currently ignores any encoding specified in the stylesheet for the output document as Sablotron only supports UTF-8 natively for output. Support for other common encodings will of course be added later.

There is only minimal documentation in the form of a sample script at sablot.examples.transformTest.

Finally, it is entirely possible that there will be some fundamental changes to the API over the next few releases that will break all scripts written to the current API. You have been warned.

That said, I am very interested in any kind of feedback from anyone who dares to experiment with this release.