Version 1.0a14 of my PostgreSQL extension for Frontier and Radio is ready for download:

Since the last public release, I fixed a bug in the Mac OS X networking code that would block all Frontier threads while the extension was waiting for a response from the server after submitting a query for execution.

As a side effect of the fix, it is now possible to abort calls into the verbs for executing queries and retrieving multiple/all rows of a result set via the usual cmd/ctrl-period mechanism (or the Kill button of a script window). This will send a request to the server asking it to cancel the current query and close the network connection cleanly, but it will not deallocate all resources associated with the connection on the client side.

This update is strongly recommended for anyone using the extension on Mac OS X. While the original blocking behavior only manifested itself on Mac OS X, the ability to kill queries was also implemted for the Mac OS Classic and Windows versions.

Thanks (again) to Eric Soroos for the bug report.