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2001-03-31: Rugby – Plymouth Albion R.F.C. beat Launceston

We didn’t do much on Friday except for watching Traffic at Warner Village.

On Saturday, 31 March 2001, we decided on a quick visit to Crownhill Fort, but it turned out that it was still closed for winter and it would not open until the following week.

In the afternoon, we went to Beacon Park to watch Plymouth Albion R.F.C. beat Launceston 13 v. 6 in National Rugby League Three (South). This was their last home game of the season and it was no longer possible for any other team to take the championship away from them. A Rugby Union official was supposed to hand over the championship trophy after the game, but he got stuck in a traffic accident.

After returning home from the game, we started preparing for a multi-day trip to Cornwall on which we were to embark the following day.

# Saturday May 31, 2003 · André Radke