Why is this site called Spicy Noodles?

On January 21st, 2000, Dave said:

Andre Radke has a new Manila weblog called Spicy Noodles. Andre is a UserLander from Germany. Brent and I have been on his case to start a weblog. At last week’s onsite meeting we had Chinese food at Jing Jing in Palo Alto. Our favorite dish was Dan Dan noodles, a Chinese noodle dish with a spicy peanut sauce. Everytime I ran into Andre in the hall I’d exclaim Spicy Noodles! Andre laughs. He’s normally very quiet. So that’s how this site came to be called Spicy Noodles.

Where can I get spicy noodles in Bonn, Germany?

That’s a good question. Over the last two years, I have checked the menus of all the local Chinese restaurants I know about, but so far my search has come up empty. I assume the reason why this dish that is apparently fairly well known all over China is not available over here is that Germans in general do not seem to be very fond of hot and spicy food.

Would you share your recipe for Spicy Noodles with me?

Well, I do not have my own recipe but here is what I found on the net. I haven’t actually tested this recipe, so proceed at your own risk. If you do, please let me know how it went.